Symptomatic Chiropractic Relief


Symptomatic Chiropractic Relief

What's holding you back?

Injury? Fitness? Nutrition? Not knowing what to do?

Are you tired of the typical standard of care?

Symptomatic Chiropractic Relief is comprehensive therapy to treat not just the bones but the entire joint and how it works within the body system. We work to correctly identify the injury and use cutting-edge diagnosis & treatment to get you back to living your life as fast as possible.

Chiropractic Adjustments

The type(s) of adjustment techniques that are administered depends on individual patient needs.  The purpose of adjusting is to restore joint mobility and range of motion to joint by manually applying a controlled force into a joint that has become restricted in its normal movement (hypomobile) as a result of a tissue injury.  Typically, adjusting involves applying a conservative and specific low amplitude force to the area to allow for better movement. Loss of joint motion in a joint is typically a result of a tissue injury. Tissue injuries can be caused by a single traumatic event, such as improper lifting of a heavy object, or through repetitive stresses, such as sitting in an awkward position for an extended period of time. Once the injury has occurred, the injured tissues undergo physical and chemical changes that cause inflammation, pain, and diminished function.  Allowing joints to remain in a restricted state will ultimately lead to degenerative changes, soft tissue imbalances, movement dysfunction, and pain.  The goal of adjusting is to restore mobility of the affected joint and tissues, thereby alleviating bio-mechanical stress and tension, allow surrounding tissues to heal, and hopefully retard degeneration.

Manual / Graston Adhesion Release

Dr. Corey Idrogo does not only rely on adjustments to correct a patient’s problem.  We believe strongly in using an integrated multifaceted approach of treating a neuromusculoskeletal condition.  The chiropractic adjustment is a very effective and powerful treatment. However, in many situations, adjusting does not correct imbalances and dysfunction in the “soft tissues” including muscles, tendons, ligaments, and even nerves.  We implement a variety of manual therapy techniques to effectively treat the soft tissues; such as treatments based on the clinically proven manual therapy techniques.

Mirror Image Spinal Remodeling

Mirror Image Spinal Remodeling is a procedure that re-positions the spine in its proper position reducing abnormal loading on joints, improving posture, reduce disc herniation and eliminate pain both acute and chronic. 

Corrective/Functional Exercise

Rehabilitative/Stabilization exercises are often necessary to help the patient "hold" the effects of chiropractic manipulation and soft tissue treatment. Whereas chiropractic manipulation in conjunction with soft tissue treatment will help to eliminate pain and restore proper function, rehabilitative/stabilization exercises will allow the patient to improve strength and function to prevent future injuries.

CENTERED Health & Wellness help you achieve whole body health and wellness with personalized chiropractic care and education to live long healthy life.

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