Why sitting is killing you.

Hey All, 

I wanted to share this video about sitting to help you. If you don't already know, sitting is leading to a ton of small problems that can easliy be addressed before becoming big ones. The more our country became a leader in innovation and plugged into technology, the less time we have acutally have been spending going outside and being active. It is said that the average american spends up to 13 hours a day sitting, couple that with 8 hours of rest and we are sedentary for 21 hours a day!!! Now, we dont have to worry about the wear and tear injuries of past generations but the sedentary lifestyle is leading to a whole new array of problems.

I am not saying we run outside and start burning all our chairs, but watch this video and learn some things you could be doing to help improve your sedentary lifestyle.


Hope you enjoy.


DR C.  

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