This On-Site Clinic is Saving a Minnesota Manufacturer Big Money

With all the changes to our National Healthcare Coverage, one company in Minnesota added a on-site chiropractic clinic which has been a huge success of the last year. The on-site chiropractic and prevention clinic has had a return on investment by an 8:1 ROI ratio for the company. This isn't the first time that a company has added a chiropractor to their workplace and it's a growing trend in the US helping keeping healthcare costs down, decreased missed days from work and keep their employees happy and healthy!

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Research and new medical guidelines put chiropractic at the top of the list as the go to for spinal pain. MDs now understand that chiropractic can have better results with their patients for neck & back pain than standard medical care. Chiropractic has prevailed in research better than any medication or surgery. If you haven't seen a chiropractor yet and your missing days at work that could lead to your departure, give us a call, (423)315-1690. It's a free evaluation, what do you have to lose?

Dr Corey Idrogo

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