• Quick easy stretch for lower back pain.

    on Apr 10th, 2017

Low Lunge with Twist: Here is a quick easy stretch to use daily to help with lower back pain. Use it in the mornings, when you exercising, or if you need a break at work becuase your back is bothering you. This stretch is designed to help with the people who sit at a desk all day. When we sit for long durations, our hips and mid back get tight and stiff, cuasing unnecesary movement in the lower back. Perform this stretch for 10-20 times on each side, if one side has more stiffness then focus more attention on that side each time until they get close to even. Last tip: Get to end range of the stretch and then take a big breath in, use your lungs to create more stretch. Hope you enjoy! Dr Corey

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