Hey Everyone, I was cleaning the house this weekend, and rather than jam out to Beyonce or poppy contemporary music, I felt the need to listen to relevant research on how to be a better doctor for my patients. I stumbled upon this podcast called Chiropractic Research and was hooked. I believe I listened to it for about 3 hours and came away with a bunch of great information about the updates in chiropractic profession. Here is a blog article from Dr Dean Smith PhD, DC discussing how chiropractors have non-drug and non-surgical treatment that is just as effective if not better than drug and surgical options. Plus chiropractic has much less side-effects. Check out what he wrote and if you are interested in understanding more about the advancements in chiropractic care, check out his podcast.

All the therapies listed below are things we do at Centered. WE provide manual therapy with myself and Michelle Wilson, Centered's Massage Therapist. WE also provide low level laser therapy with our LightForce FX laser, one of the best lasers in the Chattanooga Area. Lastly we also provide therapy based on movement to improve issues with impingment and adhesive capulitis (Frozen Shoulder).

Hope you enjoy and contact me if you have any other questions.

Dr Corey Idrogo 


shoulder pain manual therapy

Shoulder pain is one of the most common musculoskeletal disorders. The lifetime prevalence is estimated to be in the range of 6.7–66.7%. Shoulder pain and stiffness may reduce family life or social life functions as well as reduce productive activities. It also has a strong statistical correlation with somatizing tendency and poor mental health. There are many cases of shoulder pain that have not improved over time, remain persistent, or occur repeatedly. The prognosis becomes poorer the longer the illness is present.  A review of the effectiveness of conservative nondrug, nonsurgical interventions, either alone or in combination, for conditions of the shoulder was published in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics in June, 2017. Shoulder conditions addressed in the article were shoulder impingement syndrome (SIS), rotator cuff-associated disorders (RCs), adhesive capsulitis (AC), and nonspecific shoulder pain. Eligibility criteria for the scientific studies included randomized controlled trials (RCTs), systematic reviews, or meta-analyses. Treatments included nondrug, nonsurgical procedures. Results indicated low- to moderate-quality evidence supporting the use of manual therapies for all 4 shoulder conditions. Exercise, particularly combined with physical therapy protocols, was beneficial for SIS and AC. For SIS, moderate evidence supported several passive modalities. For RC, physical therapy protocols were found beneficial but not superior to surgery in the long term. Moderate evidence supported extracorporeal shockwave therapy for calcific tendinitis RC. Low-level laser was the only modality for which there was moderate evidence supporting its use for all 4 conditions.

Bottom line:

Dr Dean Smith PhD DC

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