How to bend over better and eliminate back pain

Being intolerant to bending over is the most common thing I see for people with lower back pain. Their lower back muscles have been trained by their brain to stay tight and guarded in certain positions and if you have tight hamstrings this can perpetuate the problem. So this is an easy exercise to make the back motionless and trick the brain in order to stretch the hamstrings and improve bending over. This is a very simple and preliminary exercise we use at the office to help. If this ins't working, then we may have a more complex intolerance with our lower back and bending over. But give this a shot if bending over to pick things up scares you but shy away if you are having a lot of pain when attempting this (6/10 pain). Hope this helps and improves your ability to bend over. Test and retest with the standard toe touch after performing this exercise and let me know if it helps with a like.



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