• Got a tight hamstring that pulls on your lower back? This will fix it.

    on Jun 1st, 2018

Hey Everyone,


Dr Corey here once again with an easy stretch for tight hammys.

Patients always come in complaining of how their hamstrings being tight effects their lower back. This is an active stretch and reset for your hamstrings with an easy assessment to see if its helping. 

If you sit a lot at work or with driving, then this is a great stretch for you because the hamstring continually shortens when we sit for long durations altering your posture and mechanics. 

Give it a shot and let me know what you think. 

Please pass on to anyone you think would benefit from this. 

Thanks and have an great weekend!



P.S. If you are suffering from something and want some help. Feel free to reply with what is bothering you and I will work to make a video.

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