• Deep Blue – True Relief for Joint Pain without the synthetics

    on Jan 7th, 2019

Here is a great article from Love For Oils talking about her benefits from Deep Blue Topical Oils. I hope you enjoy.

Dr C. 


We had tried everything.  You name it, we had tried it: Ben-Gay, Aspercreme, Icy Hot, ointments with cayenne pepper and capsacin, patches, accupuncture, accupressure, and the rest.  We had tried it all to get some type of relief for my mom and nothing worked.  At 82 years old, she has terrible joint discomfort in the neck, back, shoulders, and knees along with muscle tension. Because the discomfort, her doctor has been prescribing various pain solutions, and even those don’t take the edge off.

I had heard so much about Deep Blue, I thought I would order the rub to help with my own aching knees.  The cool and soothing feeling was so good I thought I’d try it on mom’s shoulders.  I have to say that I was skeptical, but if for no other reason, I would use it as a soothing massage cream on her aches.

For he past several months, she had been experiencing a lot of discomfort in the shoulders.  In fact, her right shoulder was so sore that it hurt to touch it in the slightest way.  I started off rubbing her shoulders lightly, especially in the areas where the muscles connect asking her to breathe through the uneasiness.  As much as that first massage hurt her painful body, she was soothed by the wonderful smell of wintergreen, camphor, and peppermint.  Just a couple minutes later she was commenting on the tingling feeling she was experiencing.   I was amazed when just about a half an hour later she told me it was actually feeling much better already. In just one application!

Since then we have made Deep Blue rub a part of her daily routine.   I have watched her improvement.  I can now rub her shoulders and back without her experiencing any discomfort at all when I rub.  She was telling me yesterday that her shoulders are much better, and she remembers when they were uncomfortable to the touch.  That’s in the past now.  Of course she still has join issues, but the stiffness and tension is lessening little by little, and I have physically felt the knots under her skin relaxing.

This whole experience has really opened up my mom’s perspective and openness to essential oils.  I hear her sharing her experience with Deep Blue with friends and family.  It’s been that amazing.  It’s not easy seeing your loved ones hurting.  We are both so grateful for this wonderful natural alternative.



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