Chiropractic adjustments may be a good option for athletes looking to get stronger..

Hey everyone, 


Just wanted to share some research I came across recently on some of the benenfits most people don't generally

know about chiropractic care. This study was published right before christmas of 2016. The name of the article 

is "Impact of Spinal Manipulation on Cortical Drive to Upper and Lower Limb Muscles" published in Brain Sciences

in 2017. 

While spinal manipulation is considered a primary conservative treatment option for low back pain, neck pain,

and headaches; emerging research has also demonstrated central neural plastic effects post-manipulation.

Manipulation can attenuate cortical somatosensory evoked potential responses, improve proprioceptive

processing, and provide motor control alterations. These responses appear to have a significant impact on

central cortical processing and may indicate the use of spinal manipulation for a variety of special patient


The researchers also noted individuals who are recovering from muscle degrading dysfunctions (such as stroke),

or high-level athletes, may benefit from increased strength as a result of cortical drive after an applied spinal

manipulation. I will continue to update you as new research comes to light. 


This study is really powerful because it showed increased cortical drive (and increased strength)

post-adjustment. The applications of this research in the clinical setting are wide reaching and exciting.

From stroke patients to athletes, the range of patients who could benefit from a chiropractic adjustment may be widening

before our eyes.


To read the full research article, click the link below:

Hope you enjoyed this and if you want to learn more about the office, Feel free to contact us with any questions!


Corey Idrogo DC

Owner/Chiropractor - Centered Health & Wellness

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