Carpal Tunnel Prevention

Carpal Tunnel Prevention

Many computer workers complain of wrist pain from typing excessively. Is that pain Carpal Tunnel or is it possible something else? Unfortunately, many cases of the wrist and forearm pain are automatically diagnosed as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) without truly examining all possible causes of the pain. CTS must be distinguished from Pronator Teres Syndrome for a positive resolution to occur. Both syndromes cause similar pain but must be treated differently to achieve the desired results.

Pronator Teres Syndrome describes a condition where the Pronator Teres muscle in the forearm becomes over-used, and scar tissue, adhesions, or muscular restrictions entrap the Median Nerve, causing forearm, wrist and hand symptoms like CTS. These stretches will help prevent both conditions.

Perform each stretch for two sets and 15-second holds on each arm.


Wrist Pronator Stretch

Wrist Flexor Stretch


Thumb Flexor Stretch


Disclaimer: There are other conditions that can affect the wrist, forearm and elbow and if you are having pain, we recommend seeking evaluation by your physician before performing these stretches. These are a method of prevention, not treatment for your condition.

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