• Learn a better way to deal with pain than opioids..

  • What exactly is TMJ?

  • Dr Corey on the news. Learn an easy system of exercising you can do at home.


  • 6 Part Desk Pain Prevention

  • The Importance of Sleep

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Learn a better way to deal with pain than opioids..

Learn a better way to deal with pain than opioids.. Pain Neuroscience Education: Introductory Course When: 1/29/2018 @ 6:00pm Where: Centered Health & Wellness Cost: Free (Just bring a smile and a willingness to learn)

Jan 22nd, 2019
The Importance of Sleep

The Importance of Sleep Short sleep duration (defined as less than 7 hours of sleep per night) is common. In the United States 24% – 48% of people report it.

Jan 10th, 2019
My Best Me Chatt

My Best Me Chatt Channel 12 WDEF "Let's Chatt" First Check In

Nov 20th, 2018
Better ways to sleep with back pain

Hey guys, I often get asked how we should be sleeping at night and what positions to make things more relieving when it comes to discomfort and pain. Here’s a couple examples of how I tell my patients to sleep better relieve back pain and neck pain.

Aug 13th, 2018
Save $$$ on medical care with chirorpactic

A 7 year study showed that patients whose primary physician was a chiropractor experienced the follow results : 60% less hospital admissions, 59% less days in hospital, 62% less surgeries, 85% less drug costs.

Feb 21st, 2017
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